Sitting Down with Steve

Q & A with SBMS Athlete, Steve Sanchez

Steve Sanchez is a first year triathlete who put his rookie ambitions on the fast track in December 2016. He consulted with Coach Josh about what the demands of triathlon would be and he went all in. When asked about his swim, bike and run experience he responded with, "I used to ride a fixie while smoking a stogie, so I think I'll be good on the bike." Steve purchased a triathlon package at Pulse Endurance Sports and in 10 months he toed the line for his first 70.3 Read all about his journey and his rookie season success with Coach Josh of SBMS. 

Josh: Steve, thanks for making the time to talk to us. Give us your athletic background prior to starting triathlon.

Steve: Well since I can remember I have always been a swimmer... although I ran some local races as a kid... and won a few... I always found myself drawn to the pool... in high school, I was on the swim and dive team but water polo was my main focus.

Josh: What was your motivation for starting triathlon?

Steve: Now that I think about it... i think the itch hit me after seeing one of your posts on Instagram or Facebook.  But I remember telling my wife one day, "I think I want to try triathlons".  I have never been the type of person to just go to the gym to be fit so maybe choosing to do triathlons was my way to get some exercise and set a goal.

Josh: When you began training, what was some of your early challenges?

Steve: Out the gates, running was my biggest hurdle.  I tried to run in the past but found that my knees and lower back hurt... it was your recommendation to get fitted for running shoes that changed everything. Throughout the season I found running to be my favorite thing... even over swimming! One thing I prob will never get over is open water swimming. I'm scared of sharks... (too much shark week)

Josh: You decided really early on that you wanted to race a 70.3 within a year. We advised you against it (At SBMS we want to see our athletes make a progression from short course to long course due to safety and in order to maximize athlete performance) but we knew you would sign up anyway. What was the driving choice behind a 70.3? 

Steve: impatience... seems as if IRONMAN is sort fo the holy grail of triathlon... I just couldn't wait to give it a try.

Josh: Tell us about your first race. Where was it and how did it go?

Steve: My first race was Super Seal Sprint on Silver Strand....I had a blast... although I got stung by a stingray a couple days before.. (just to add to my open water swim fear)... I did pretty good.. i believe I got 5th in my age group.

Josh: You obviously progressed over the year, but tell us about your experience in working with a coach? 

Steve: working with a coach was key.. not necessarily for the prescribed workouts... but my coach would see the results of my workouts and tweak my prescriptions.. thats knowledge you cant just google

Josh: At your first 70.3 you went 5:34, which is a very solid result. Considering that you bought your first bike just 10 months in advance of your race, how were you able to progress to a finish time like that?

Steve: Well, first and foremost. I supplied the grit.. and God supplied the grace for me to finish.  Second, I couldn't have completed in that time without a coach.  anyone can go attempt a 70.3.. but they risk injury and a whole lot of pain if they did not have the proper training building up to it.

Josh: What do you attribute your successful rookie year to? 

Steve: Carbs...a bit of my stubbornness and a whole lot of help from the coaches and team member on SBMS. Although triathlon is technically a one-man sport, being on a tri team is very motivating.

Josh: Any final words to our readers before we sign off?

Steve: O'Doyle Rules